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Air Dryer
The moisture in atmosphere usually turns on gaseous and hard to detect. After compressed in air compressor and cooled through pipe, it will be congealed water droplet together with oil and particle content out of air compressor. As a kind of water absorbing and oil sticking resin, PET molecule on the preform surface will absorb water and stick oil as soon as it meets the moist compressed air as air source. As a result, the PET bottle will has many flaws such as moist looking, slight drain marks, large shrinking rate and so on. At the same time, the moisture, oil and particle contents affect the pneumatic system and reduce its use life.

From that point of view, it is very necessary to install a set of high efficient and high quality air dryer and air filter for high grade PET bottle production. The main function of the compressed air dryer is to remove the moisture from the compressed air and lower temperature of the compressed air in the heat exchanger, then the most part of the water vapor will be congeal water droplet and separated from air stream by a separator, finally the condensed liquid is discharged out of the unit. If every thing runs smoothly, the vapor in the compressed air is no more than 0.59g/mĀ³and 93% moisture is removed.

1.Professional designed, safe and reliable system-protection device 
2.Save energy source and minimize maintenance costs. 
3.Special designed high efficiency heat exchanger and evaporator 
4.Suitable for all kinds of air compressor's air supply and pressure in
There are two types of air dryers for option to meet different working pressure: high-pressure type and low-pressure type. High pressure one is up to 35 bars and low pressure one is up to 12.5 bars.
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