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Air Filter
air-filterApart from the water, there are also some corrosive impurities like carbon-hydrogen, tiny dust and solid particles, ect. Passing through the filter on the compressor, those mixed air will input into air compressor to be compressed, which will reduce the quality of the compressor' lubricating oil and evaporate part of the oil to go into the air pipe. During the air compressing, with high temperature and oxidation, the mixed compressed air will be acidic with high corrosive capacity. If this mixture is input into the air pipe, it will rust the pipe and pneumatic component seriously to stop the production and reduce the finish bottle quality, raise the maintenance cost. In consideration of those points, you need a high quality air filter to clear up those impurities out of the compressed air.

1. All of filters are tested by special device. 
2. Equipped with auto drain kits. 
3. High efficient water-removing function, can remove 99 % liquid water in compressed air. 
4. High volume oil-and-dust-removing function, providing a maximum removal of particles down to 0.01 micron and remaining oil content of 0.001 ppm w/w. 
5. Filter core's usage life is long lasting and easy to exchange. 
6. Filter shell with corrode-resist in unction treatment.

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