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autoloaderAutoloader is used for loading plastic resin into hopper dryer to remove its moisture before being injected into finished products. Compared with manual loader, it has many advantages, for example, it prevents the dried material from humidifying again by the outside moisture and avoids material waste, saves labor, keeps the hopper dryer under full loading condition to ensure long time normal production. For convenient use, autoloader is designed as split type. Its material hopper is placed on the top of the hopper dryer and contact with the hopper dryer's input mouth while its control boa is placed on the ground to supply sucking force and control its loading action. For production, MG series vacuum autoloader is ideal equipment. It can be installed on various plastic production machines to load the plastic material from the storage box to material hopper. In addition it avoids material pollution during the loading process.

1. Safe and convenient operation and maintenance
2. Stainless steel material hopper
3. Alarm for the shortage of material
4. Motor protective device
5. Microprocessor controller
6. Convenient for cleaning dust
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