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Hopper Dryer
hopper-dryerHopper dryer is used to eliminate moisture in the plastic material. If the plastic material is put into the injection machine's barrel without drying, moisture contained in the resin will turn into bubble after resin melts. The bubble after injection will be present on finished preform, which increase the reject rate obviously and shorten the service life of the machine and mold. In that case, the pre-drying is extremely necessary for plastic injection production. Before injection, the resin must be heated in the hopper dryer for 6 or 8 hours with temperature up to 175℃. After dry completely, the finished preform will be free from shrinking and better in their brightness. In addition, drying in the hopper dryer inside machine eliminates possibility of contamination and re-absorbing moisture when transporting from central dryer to machine hopper.

1.Even heat distribution: High efficiency to save lots of drying time required.
2.Accurate Thermo-Control: very high accuracy assured by excellent controller
3.Reliable Design: Compact in size and easily used.
4.Promote the speed for injection cycle.
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