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Water Chiller
water-chillerWater chiller is designed for cooling the mold to improve the finish of plastic products and reduce the internal stress so that it is easy to take off plastic products from the mold and the output has been raised. Water chiller utilizes imported efficient hermetic compressor, heat exchanger and multifunction controller, it is easy to operate and maintenance.

1.The high and low pressure gauges show the refrigerant pressure of the system. 
2.High/Low pressure safety relay protects the compressor. 
3.Freeze protection valve is installed for compressor safely. 
4.The proper three-phase pump size matches your process flow and pressure requirement. 
5 The drying filter cleans and dries the refrigerant to protect the system from moisture and other contaminants. 
6.The tube-in-shell evaporator is used to achieve higher efficiency
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