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Cap Slitting Machine
Cap Slitting Machine Video Clip

Brief Introduction

The cap slitting machine is designed for cutting the tamper evidence band of the cap. The cap slitter is completes automatically the whole working procedure: loading the caps in order, feeding lids into the slitting station, cutting the caps, and discharge the silted caps.

Cap Samples Produced by MG-3 Machine
The Cap before slitting
The Cap after slitting
Technical Parameter
Min.cap diameter25mm
Max.cap diameter60mm
Min.cap height15mm
Max.cap height25mm
Output each hour12000-25000caps/hour
Contour dimension1300x700x1500mm
Machine weight380g
Compressed air consumption600Ni/min
Mega Machinery, the Professional cap slitting & Cap cutting machine supplier in China.

Note: cap slitting machine is also known as cap scoring machine.
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