Accumulator Head Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines(Up to 120L)

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MG-SL series Accumulator Head Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines

Brief Introduction
This Series of Accumulator Head Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines is mainly applicable to the production of various packing barrels with PE and PP material and capacity between 20-120L, toolbox, automobile parts such as gas tank, wind pipe and other large and medium-sized plastic hollow products. The extrusion blow moulding machine equipped with an accumulator with materials storage capacity up to 12kg, it is the key for making the good quality of large size industrial container. Top brand name closed loop hydraulic system ensures the performance of the machine, as well as the less power consumption.
Container/Bottle samples
Containers produced by MG-SL Series Accumulator Head Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines:
120L Industrial container180L Industrial container200L Industrial container
Technical Parameter
Model MG-S25LMG-S50LMG-S80LMG-S120L
Materials PE, PP...PE, PP...PE, PP...PE, PP...
Theoretical Output Pcs/h   600   450360360
(L×W×H) DimensionM4.1×2.2×2.54.5×2.4×3.85.4×2.5×3.95.2×2.5×4.2
Max ContainerL    25     50    80    120
WeightT   11.5   12    16   17

Extrusion Head
Heating ZoneZone4455
Heating CapacityKW5.287.529.210.8

Clamping unit
Clamping forceKN215260~400440~600440~650
Toggle StrokeMM350~780450~1000500~1200500~1400
(W×H) Mold PlatenMM550×650700×950800×1000800×1250
Mold HeightMM250-350450-510360-600360-700

Pump DriveKW22303737
Screw DriveKW303745-5555
Screw FanKW0.
Blow PressureMPA0.
Air consumption 0.811.21.6
Max LoadKW68, 7787, 103108, 122108, 142

Screw DiameterMM80    90   100100
Screw L/DL/D22~30  22~30  25~3025~30
Extrusion CapacityKG/H100~120 140~200 180~250  200~280
Heating ZoneZONE  4    4   4~5   4~5
Heating CapacityKW6.2~8.27.3~9.1 8.4~10.58.4~10.5
All specifications and designs are subject to change without note.

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Note: Extrusion blow moulding machine is also called as extrusion blow molding machine.
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