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MG-D Series Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine (Double station)

Brief Introduction
The MG-D series is double station extrusion blow moulding machine for containers from 5ml up to 18L, Its high level of reliability, excellent efficiency and flexibility to meet varied customer requirements. MG-D extrusion blow moulding machines process a variety of materials, including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, TPU, PETG and other materials. Compare to the S series extrusion blow moulding machine, The D type of machine has faster production rate in an hour. MG-D series machine cover the complete production scope starting from the smallest ampoule or tube to beverage packaging, cosmetic containers, large mouth containers and multiple layers with view stripe line containers.
MG-D Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines Options
Parison thickness controller
View stripe heads
Wide mouth Jar trimmer 
Multi head capability
Automatic deflashing 
Leak tester at bottle outlet
Container/Bottle samples
Bottles produced by MG-D Series Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines:
5L Gear oil container5L Lubrication oil containerTwo layer 10L Industrial container
20L Industrial container25L Industrial container with view stripeLubrication oil container
 Toy bankToyWatering pot
Technical Parameter
Materials PE, PP...PE, PP...PE, PP...PE, PP...
Number of HeadSet1, 2, 3, 41, 2, 3, 41, 2 1, 2
Theoretical Output Pcs/h900×2700×2700×2800×2
 (L×W×H) DimensionM2.9×2.1×2.63.6×2.3×2.64.1×2.9×3.14.9×4.2×3.1
Max containerL   2   5  1218
WeightT   4.2   7.8   10.813.8

Extrusion Head
Heating ZoneZone3    3   3   3-4 
Heating CapacityKW4    5.8  6-7  6-9 
Single headProduct Max heightMM220230275   350
Product Max dia.MM   155300210   300 
Double headMax heightMM    220200    275    250
Product Max dia. and center distanceMM  95, 130  180, 160 105, 240  190, 240 
Triple headProduct Max heightMM    220   220  
Product Max dia. and center distanceMM  65, 8585, 110   
Quadruple head  Product  Max heightMM   120  220  
Product Max dia. and center distanceMM  65, 6070, 80   
Sextuple headProduct Max heightMM   120  200  
Product Max dia. and center distanceMM  20, 6030, 80   

Clamping unit
Clamping forceKN   60   60   110   110
Toggle StrokeMM138~368148~508240~6201240~620
(W×H) Mold PlatenMM300×320370×390530×510530×510
Mold HeightMM138~210155~300245~380235~380

Pump DriveKW7.57.51515
Screw DriveKW11152230
Screw FanKW0.
Blow PressureMPA0.
Air consumptionM3/MIN0.
Max LoadKW28334660

Screw DiameterMM50609090
Screw L/DL/D24:124:124:124:1
Extrusion CapacityKG/H30~5065~80100~120130~160
Heating ZoneZONE3334
Heating CapacityKW4.56.68.29
All specifications and designs are subject to change without note.

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Note: Extrusion blow molding machine is also called as extrusion blow moulding machine and blow molding machine.

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