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MG-S250L Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

Brief Introduction

Extrusion blow molding machine with accumulator parison head which holds materials storage capacity up to 20KG, it is suitable for making the industrial container up to 250L with signal cavity. An advance PLC controller with access to and storage of all the parameters for the control of the machine ensures friendly operation. An optimized extruder system guarantees quick color changing function, and the various of points of thickness controller is available for the better performance of the machine. In terms of additional equipment and control options, MEGA accommodate virtually every customer requirement so that the optimum blow molding system is supplied for each project.

Container/Bottle samples

Containers produced by MG-S250L Extrusion blow Moulding Machine:

small size IBC bucketextrusion plastic pallet

extrusion table

Technical Parameter
Model MG-S250L
Materials PE,PP...
Theoretical Output Pcs/h300
(L×W×H) DimensionM7.8×2.9×5.4
Max containerL250

Extrusion Head
Heating ZoneZone6
Heating CapacityKW15

Clamping unit
Clamping forceKN770
Toggle StrokeMM800-1800
(W×H) Mold PlatenMM1200×1720
Mold HeightMM800-1300

Pump DriveKW45
Screw DriveKW90~132
Screw FanKW 0.6
Blow PressureMPA0.8
Air consumptionM3/MIN1.6
Max LoadKW220

Screw DiameterMM120
Screw L/DL/D28~32
Extrusion CapacityKG/H320
Heating ZoneZONE6
Heating CapacityKW16.2~23.6
All specifications and designs are subject to change without note.

Mega Machinery, the Professional PC Extrusion blow moulding equipment supplier in China.
Note: Extrusion blow moulding machine for PC bottle is also called as extrusion blow molding machine for 5 gallon PC container.
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