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A new generation of hybrid electric blow molding machine was launched by MEGA
  Time:2012-09-07 14:22:10

MEGA presented a new generation of hybrid electric blow molding machine----E4 in 2012 CHINA PLAS held in shanghai. It is said that this new type machine with a designed speed of 1800 bottles per hour for each cavity, and the 4 cavity machine can produce 7200 bottles per hour for the 500ml water bottle, thus regarded as the fastest linear hybrid blow molding machine in Asia.
MEGA’s R&D department created and innovated a high effective bottle blow molding skill through learning advanced international technologies on this new E4. At present time, such new type of machine breaks the hour capacity limitation on linear blow molding industry in china. Compared with SIDEL’s SBO compact TM, SIPA’s SFL series, the hour-production speed of MEGA’s E4 has reached an international leading level, it maybe argued that the come out of this newest E4 fills a gap left by production speed on linear type blow molding machine in china.

(E4 linear blow molding machine)

According to the introduction, MEGA spent 2 year’s time on the innovation and study at the new type of machine based on the original E series automatic blow molding machine. The newest hybrid electric method was adopted to largely increase the single-cavity production speed on the E4. At the same time, it decreased production cost by 20% on PET bottle investment with the help of high-speed optimized clamping system and innovated heating system.
The mold closing and opening structures in this new type machine adopted an all-closed loop servo motor with the functions of accurate position, instantly accelerate and optimized torque distribution. Applied with the inside program system to make the mold fast closing and opening. Compared with the traditional oil and pneumatic drive, the servo type enabled great improvement on mold closing and opening speed, what"s the foremost is that it will obviously decreased the average energy consumption.
In the preform heating process, there is a new designed continuously preform heating technology, such type of advanced heating system will decreases the heating- energy requirement through recycled hot fan design in the oven, and also will infiltrate the radiant heat generated by the infrared lamps into the inside of the preform to guarantee a well temperature distribution, which will lower technical request on blow molding process of the next step. During preform heating process in the oven, the patent preform transfer technology helps the preforms rotate by the movement, so the new designed preform heating technology consume less energy compared with the traditional design. Nowadays, there are some optional devices for the new E4 machine. Such as PID, the heating zone system that have infrared temperature elements measure the temperature of the preform and automatically adjusted components intellectively notify and adjust the preform temperature and guarantee the least outside interference on the preform during heating process.

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