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NEW electric blow molding machine for CBB
  Time:2012-09-07 15:12:33

China Brew China Beverage trade show (or CBB), organized by China National United Equipment Group Corp., has today grown to be an icon event for the brewing and beverage industries in Asia-Pacific region. As a comprehensive presentation and communication platform for the global liquid food equipment and technologies, CBB has gained wide recognition throughout the world for its extensive coverage, popularity and brand appeal.
In this year CBB, Mega company will show you the newest 72 cavities preform injection mold, high speed hybrid electronic blow molding machine and blow molding machine special for 10 Litter oil bottle.


The PET preform mold adopts the needle valve hot runner system design which is similar to the Husky, but the major part of the system created by mega’s C&D department. In order to make the PET martial flow evenly during the high temperature injection process, and to make an equal injection time and injection pressure on each cavity, mega applied the technology of put three small pieces of the 24 cavity hot runner plate together with the double layer runner cover plate. This type of hot runner design is a new creation in china, and possesses relatively high cost-performance compared to other abroad similar mold.

2, high speed hybrid electric blow molding machine 

The High speed hybrid electric blow molding machine which we showed on 2012 chinaplastic will be again presented on this CBB trade fair.

 At present time, such new type of machine breaks the hour capacity limitation on linear blow molding industry in china. Compared with SIDEL’s SBO compact TM, SIPA’s SFL series, the hour-production speed of MEGA’s E6 has reached an international leading level, it maybe argued that the come out of this newest E6 fills a gap left by production speed on linear type blow molding machine in china. And what’s more, this series of machine adopted the newest technology of combining the electric and pneumonic as motor to largely increase production capacity on each single cavity. The patent high speed mold closing and opening unit and the innovation on heating process not only increase the capacity but save the cost by at last 20 percent.

The mold closing and opening structures in this new type machine adopted an all-closed loop servo motor with the functions of accurate position, instantly accelerate and optimized torque distribution. Applied with the inside program system to make the mold fast closing and opening. Compared with the traditional oil and pneumatic drive, the servo type enabled great improvement on mold closing and opening speed, what’s the foremost is that it will obviously decreased the average energy consumption.

In order to further reducing the energy consumption on the new E-series blow molding machine, MEGA designed an optional device of the small bottle pitch kit, which decrease the central distance on blowing unit from the original 120mm to 80mm to add more mold cavity to increase the machine capacity for small bottles. This new series of machine own features of smaller machine in size, faster production speed and lower energy consumption when compared with other competitors around the world.

3, blow molding machine for 10L edible oil bottle
Mega has a lot of design and producing experience in the huge volume bottle blow molding machine line. It’s a pity that it couldn’t be showed out in this fair because of the room limited, but a latest semi- automatic blow molding machine special for the 10 L oil bottle will be displayed in our booth. This new type of machine adopted the high pressure compensation system which is the same with MEGA’s automatic blow molding machine, so it has stronger instant clamping strength for common standard bottle design. As for blowing the 2 cavities 10 L PET bottle, this machine can insure a smaller clamping line on the bottle. A100 % pneumatic mold locking system adopted in this new type of semi-automatic blow molding machine can avoid the defect of the hydraulic oil leak and save energy consumption compared to original hydraulic oil type. In order to achieve a higher machine capacity, we advanced the blowing process and simplified the control step to make the machine output reach to 600 BPH for the 10 L 110 g bottle, which can be comparable to the automatic blow molding machine.

When it comes to the PET machinery industry both at home and abroad, European counties attach importance at creativity, which we can see a big develop trend form the statistic that half of the global export sales on plastic machinery industry has from European countries. Lots of famous company such as  Sidel,Sipa,Krones etc. , whose manufacturing skill and design philosophy are all in a leading level on the world, and rising rapidly in those few years, especially in the aspect of electronic automatic control and machinery research with different kinds of independent innovations occurred every year. While in china, the different type of machinery was divided by different area, for example, Guangzhou province was major for the high speed rotary type, but zhejiang province is the major area for the semi- automatic and medium high speed linear type of blow molding machine. Frankly and practically speaking, on plastic machinery industry, Chinese producer is fall behind the Europeans in precise making on machine spare parts, manufacturing efficiency and energy consumption. However, you have to believe more efficient and economical Chinese made plastic packaging machinery will spring-up like baby bamboo after nourish of the spring rain, under the rapid growing of Chinese machinery in plastic packaging industry, which also showed us a big rising that can not be denied.
Mega company have to hold any developing opportunities and follow the industry working trend, to higher the professional technology, standardizing the company to an international level, and make the dream of being an international leading brand come to a fact by showing you exquisite craftsmanship, more reliable ability and better service. And we will struggle for a prosperous society and stronger national industry together with friends from different industries and different places.
Mega Company appreciate 2012 CBB organizer offered such a good opportunity to exhibit our product. Wish this trade fair has fruitful orders and welcome friends from all over the world to visit.
You are sincerely invited to visit MEGA, on booth 1E008. And you are welcome to have a look at our company website at to know more detail about our blow molding machine and bottle molds.

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