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EB Series Electric Stretch Blow Moulding Machines
Brief Introduction
EB Series is the latest linear designed Electric Stretch Blow Moulding Machine developed after years of R&D by Mega. Thanks to the variable pitch unit, synchronized heating system and high speed clamping design, the 10 cavity machine makes 0.5L water bottles at 10,000BPH. The bottle production cost for the end of user by using the Electric stretch blow moulding machines is much less than traditional machine and rotary blow moulding machine.
* Precise controller
Large Touch Screen graphics interface with access to and storage of all the parameters for the control of the machine and heating and blowing processes. Self diagnostics and remote control with Mega customer support are also provided in the latest version.

* Preform loading system
Thanks to a continuous preform loading system which is the same one used in Mega's rotary technology , high speed preform loading requirements are met and are easy to change at the feeding wheel for different sized neck finishes.

* Preform pre-heater
Super small mandrel pitch makes the EB series consume less power. This is the key to reducing bottle production costs and increasing profit for the bottle producer. Efficient oven cooling and cross ventilation systems prevent crystallization, even for very thick perform walls.

* Variable pitch system
A Servo motor driven variable pitch system synchronizes with the preform mandrels. This system reduces preform transfer times and ensures reliable variable pitch changing. Due to the wider preform distance after changing pitch, the machine is able to handle different size bottles.

* Toggle designed clamping system
EB series electric stretch blow moulding machine adopts a uniquely designed clamping system with double sided pneumatic compensation to ensure the mold remains tightly closed during high pressure blowing and guarantees a consistent quality parting line on the bottle surface. No hydraulics are used for clamping the part, this helps the blow mold from wearing out over time and provides easy maintenance.
* PID system for heating zone
An Infrared thermometer detects the temperature of the preforms and automatically adjusts the temperature of the oven to the correct level. It avoids the influence of the temperature difference between day time and night time. Also, the system can have an additional lamp alarm unit, It soundswhen it detects any broken or aging lamps.

* Air Recovery system
We know most of the production cost comes from two factors, blowing the bottles and reheating the performs . In order to reduce the production cost for the bottler producer, Mega has introduced an Air recovery system. This system recovers up to 30% of exhausted High pressure air.

* Air cooling system
Thanks to our GM Cai Yuansen , we have developed an air cooling system for hot fill PET bottles, after high pressure blowing, air cooling is introduced. This reduces the level of PET residual stress, and increases the rate of PET crystallization. After the air cooling process, the PET bottle can stand hot filling without deformation.
* Preform feeding system
1. Linear unscrambler is fixed on the top of the machine for saving space.
2. Preform loading is continuous with high speed (the same as our rotary machine )
3. quick change feeding wheel design.

* Advance heating system
1. Unique venting design for both lamps and preforms .
2. Cooling ramp to protect the neck of the preforms .
3. Closed loop system for the heating system

* Transfer of performs
1. Servo driven variable pitch system.
2. Easy design for the preform grips providing less change over time

* Clamping system
1. Double side compensation.
2. Toggle clamp with self-lubricating graphite bearings.
3. Synchronized horizontal and vertical movement

* Automation system
1. Top Brand electronic components.
2. Large touch screen that saves up to 30 sets of data.
3. Remote control unit with MEGA customer support service.
Bottle Samples
PET bottles produced by EB series machine:
CSD-500ml Detergen-750ml-2 Hot-fill-2L
Jar-1L Pharmacal-bottle120 Water-500ml
General Information EBL3 EBL4 EB6 EB8 EB10
Clamping Force 65T 90T 54T 84T 106T
Clamping Stroke 220mm 220mm 130mm 130mm 130mm
Max. Stretching Stroke 400mm 400mm 370mm 370mm 370mm
Bottom Moving Stroke 30-70mm 30-70mm 10-70mm 10-70mm 10-70mm
Number of Cavities 3 Cavity 4Cavity 6Cavity 8Cavity 10 Cavity
Theoretical Output 2100 BPH 2600 BPH 6500 BPH 9000 BPH 13000 BPH
Mould Thickness 350mm 350mm 320mm 260mm 260mm

Electrical System
Voltage Standard 380v/3PH/50Hz or special order
Number of Heating Zone 8Sections 10Sections 6Sections 12Sections 14Sections
Total Power(Max. Loaded) 120 KW 145 KW 85KW 165 KW 185KW

Max. container Volume 5L 5L 2.5L 2.5L 2.5L
Neck Diameter Range 46mm 46mm 32mm 32mm 32mm
Max. Container Diameter 180mm 180mm 100mm 100mm 100mm

Dimension & Weight(L*W*H)
Blow molding machine 4800*2200*2000mm 6200*2200*2000mm 4000*2100*1900mm 7000*2100*2000mm 7800*2100*2000mm
Preform Autoloader 2200*1800*2500mm 2200*1800*2500mm 2200*1500*2500m 2200*1800*2500mm 2500*2000*3000mm
Net Weight 7.5Ton 8.5 Ton 7.0Ton 8.5Ton 9.8Ton
Remark: EBL is suitable for large size 5L container, EB is designed for the bottles up to 2.5L

Mega Machinery, the Professional electric stretch blow moulding machine supplier in China.
Note: PET stretch blow molding machine is also known as Reheat stretch blow molding machines, Stretch blow molding machines and PET blow molding machine.
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