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6 cavity wide mouth preform mold (63mm)
6 Cavity Wide Mouth Preform Mould
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Wide Mouth Prefrom mould (Jar Preform mould)

Wide mouth preform mould also named Jar preform mould, The jar preforms or wide mouth preforms are mainly designed for the candy and the nuts packaging. Mega has been designing and manufactuer for those preform mould for many years, MEGA provides both of valve gate system and supper small runner nub system for the different wide mouth preform application.

The Wide Mouth Preform Moulds Produced by MEGA
6 Cavity Jar Preform Mould
6 Cavity Wide Mouth Preform Mould
8 Cavity Jar Preform Mould
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MEGA the professional wide mouth Preform mould maker and tool designer in China.
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